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 Nature Trails at Freeman River

the nature trail circles the campground, offering an approximate 20 minute walk. the nature trail is sheltered by Alberta's tall and beautiful trees. Follow the nature trail to enjoy nature, both flora and fauna.

Listen for chattering squirrels, watch for butterflies, woodpeckers, and other small creatures local to the area. As the trail nears the Freeman River, which borders the campground, listen to the play of the water and watch for beaver.

When in bloom, Alberta's wild rose brushes are plentiful, their pink blooms a brilliant contrast to the green foliage of the trees. Other wild flowers add splashes of color to the forest floor. Be sure to watch for wild berries! Wild raspberries, saskatoons, and strawberries are scattered throughout the area.

To keep your children happy and active, take them to wander on the nature trail. You will be amazed at how much fun they will have discovering nature and exploring the nature trail